After a long delay, we’re finally posting the materials from our March 17th webinar on Being Nonpartisan.

Webinar Materials:

Please feel free to download the webinar PowerPoint and audio file, or watch the webinar on Nonprofit VOTE’s YouTube channel.

Quick Links:

Here are a few of the other resources we mentioned during the webinar:

  • Benefits of Voting – Read more about the benefits of voting in these factsheets
  • Engaging New Voters – Full Report – Our 2014 study of nonprofit voter outreach and its effects on voter turnout.
  • Nonprofits, Voting and Elections Online – This is our online guide to remaining nonpartisan while conducting voter outreach activities as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.
  • Nonprofit VOTE’s Voter Engagement Resource Library – Find all of our factsheets and other resources here.
  • Bolder Advocacy – Bolder Advocacy is a prgoram of the Alliance for Justice. They are a wonderful source of information on nonprofit voter engagement and lobbying. They’re team of attorneys have prepared dozens of factsheets on everything form responding to a canddidate’s factually incorrect statement to preparing a candidate questionnaire.
  • 1-800-NPLOBBY – Bolder Advocacy’s hotline
  • Nonprofit Votes Count – NVC is a program of Independent Sector, National Council of Nonprofits, United Way Worldwide and Nonprofit VOTE. It provides resources to nonprofits interested in engaging their staff, volunteers and boards in voting and elections.

RSVP for Our Next Webinar:

Voter Registration in 2016: Registering Your Clients and Constituents to Vote
Thursday, April 14th, 2:00PM ET, 11:00AM PT

The 2016 presidential election is upon us! Like many nonprofits, you’re excited to help your staff, clients and community members register to vote, but you could use a few pointers. We’re here to help! In this webinar we’ll discuss how to plan and carry out a nonpartisan voter registration drive. Topics will include registration tactics, best practices and messaging that works.


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