Benefits of Voting: Voting and Health ImageVoting not only helps advance the work of your nonprofit, but it can also benefit the individuals you serve. Interested in new ways of talking to your community about voting? Consider sharing our latest resource that highlights the health benefits of voting.

Voting & Health: 5 Reasons It’s Good For You:

  1. It Strengthens Social Ties. Voting helps to strengthen our social ties, and feeling part of a close-knit society is in turn linked with greater quality of life and longevity.
  2. It’s Linked with Reports of Greater Health. People are more likely to self-report “fair” or “poor” health in states where there’s below-average voter turnout.
  3. It’s Good for Mental Health. Among people who are at risk, voting could help to lower stress and even ward off future mental health conditions.
  4. It Sets a Good Example for Kids. Children may not be able to actually cast a ballot, but they can see their parents vote, which could help to open dialogue about issues affecting society today.
  5. Political Activism Boosts Well-Being and Life Satisfaction. Being politically active is linked with greater well-being and life satisfaction.

This factsheet is the first in our new Benefits of Voting Series that highlights the benefits of voting for individuals, nonprofit organizations, and their communities. The full series will debut in the July issue of the Nonprofit Voter.

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