Halloween’s approach means that the polls will soon be open—and in some states already are.

While young trick-or-treaters are dreaming about candy, scary stories, and haunted houses, their parents are contemplating more practical matters. Do you know our home phone number? Who will you be out with? What’s your trick-or-treating route? Safe Halloween practices are a lot like good election practices.

You don’t take—or at least don’t eat—unwrapped candy from strangers, and you don’t wander off on your own. In the same vein, voters must be wary of efforts to spread misinformation, such as suspicious phone calls and fake websites.

Recent events have elections administrators reminding voters to get information from official sources, like Nonprofit VOTE’s resources on registering and voting in your state that link directly to official state election sites. Get information straight from the source and protect yourself this election season. And remember, if you have any questions or doubts, just give your local elections office a call.

As with all holiday preparations, these practices shouldn’t put a damper on the celebratory mood. There’s no reason to expect anything but a frightfully good time, but just the same, you should be prepared. Happy voting!

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