Day Before Election Day Slider - Tuesday

Elections are decided by turnout. In the next 36 hours, a personal reminder and help navigating the voting process from you and your nonprofit can make a difference. Answering one question can turn a non-voter into a voter.

Share these four essential voting tools with your staff, partners, and the people you serve.

1. Find My Poll
The Pew Voting Information Project, Google, and the Internet Association have collaborated to help voters find their polling place with Enter your address to find your polling place and get directions.

2. Voting in My State
Nonprofit VOTE delivers official information directly from your state election website in its 50 State Voter Information Tool. Select your state to:

  • Check your registration
  • Learn about voter ID
  • Find out about voting as an ex-offender
  • Contact your local election office with additional questions
3. National Voter Hotlines
These national hotlines are live and ready to help people vote. Voters can also use them to report a problem or get legal assistance voting.
  • Call 1-866-OUR-VOTE (687-8683) for assistance in English.
  • Call 1-888-VE-Y-VOTA (839-8682) for assistance in Spanish.
  • Call 1-888-API-VOTE (274-8683) for assistance in Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean, Vietnamese, and Bengali.
  • Call your state’s voter hotline.
4. What’s On My Ballot?
For the first time, Google answers this question–in detail. Ask Google “What’s on my ballot?” Enter an address, zip code, or state to view a list of candidates and statewide measures that will appear on the ballot.

Or get a personalized ballot from the League of Women Voter’s Vote411 tool.

For additional Election Day resources and tools, see Nonprofit VOTE’s complete Election Day Toolbox.

Plan to join us next week for a post-election webinar on Who Turned out in the 2014 Midterm Election. Register now.

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