Good news if you live in California, Louisiana, Maryland, Texas, or Wisconsin! Yesterday the Sunlight Foundation and the Participatory Politics Foundation launched OpenGovernment, a tool designed to make local government more accessible and accountable.

OpenGovernment is modeled off of a similar project, OpenCongress, which lets users track bills, votes, and members of Congress.

In blogging about the debut of OpenGovernment, the Sunlight Foundation quoted the executive director of the Participatory Politics Foundation who hopes that this will be a tool to fight “systemic corruption” while also creating “user-friendly interfaces for this baffling and arcane world of legislative data.”

Tracking local government is of the utmost importance to all nonprofits. Local government controls money that your organization does or doesn’t get in addition to prioritizing your community’s issues. By keeping tabs on your state legislature and city government, you can find out who cares about your nonprofit’s work and what’s (not) being done. This kind of information gives your organization a platform from which to reach out, build relationships, and act.

OpenGovernment plans to expand to other states, but in the meantime take a look!

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