Be prepared (and get excited!) about Election Day by joining Nonprofit VOTE for a special web event:

Nonprofits Get Out the Vote! Countdown to Election Day
Thursday, October 11th at 2:00pm Eastern
The final weeks leading up to an election are critical for voters, and during that time the potential to impact turnout is enormous.

Learn more during this exciting event featuring:

  • National nonprofit leaders highlighting the sector’s pivotal role,
  • Nonprofit-specific strategies for the final stages of an effective nonpartisan voter engagement campaign,
  • Examples from local nonprofits on how to successfully incorporate voter engagement into programs and services, and
  • Tips and tools tailored to the final weeks before Election Day and Election Day itself.

Guest presenters include:

Register now for Nonprofits Get Out The Vote! Countdown to Election Day and join nonprofits across the country as we lift our voices and mobilize our communities to vote on November 6th!


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