There’s still time to register for this week’s webinar! If you’ve already registered, consider inviting a friend or spreading the word among your networks–we want every nonprofit to feel comfortable engaging in ballot measure activities this year!

Taking a Stand: Ballot Measure Advocacy for Nonprofits
Thursday May 10th, 2:00-3:00pm Eastern

Many states put laws, constitutional amendments, and referendums on the ballot, asking voters to make critical public policy decisions at the polls. Often, the outcome directly affects our organizations and communities, so we have a vested interest in the results. Although nonprofits cannot endorse or oppose a candidate, they can take a stand on ballot measures. Learn how your nonprofit can benefit from engaging the public around ballot measures, as well as how to advance your advocacy efforts through ballot measure activity.

Featured Presenter: Nayantara Mehta is Senior Counsel with the Alliance for Justice,  working to help strengthen the capacity of the public interest community to influence public policy and engage around elections. She conducts trainings throughout the country on the rules governing advocacy and lobbying by public charities and private foundations.


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