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The Social (Media) Aspect of Voting . November 12, 2014

This year, 6,931,105 people shared on Facebook that they were voting. Facebook created a real-time map showing where users were clicking the “I’m A Voter” button and The Washington Post turned it into an animated GIF. The button was quite popular–at one point users were clicking it at a rate of 358,000 per hour. Official turnout... read more

Get to the Polls – Poll Finder . October 30, 2014

Pew’s Voting Information Project has collaborated with Google and the Internet Association to create, a new tool which allows voters to find their polling place and full ballot summary based on their address. Get to the Polls is powered by the Google Civic Information application programming interface and uses official data from... read more

10 Things to Do from Now until Election Day . October 3, 2014

November 4th is just weeks away, and there’s still a great deal your nonprofit can do to encourage voting and raise the profile of Election Day. Below is a list of 10 Things to Do from Now until Election Day: Promote Early Voting Opportunities. Early voting can allow voters to avoid lines and provides additional flexibility in casting a ballot... read more

Voting in the 2014 Midterm is Underway . October 1, 2014

This year, Election Day will start well before November 4th. For many years, early voting has been on the rise. In 2010, an estimated 27-29% of voters cast ballots early, much higher than previous midterms. In the 2012 presidential election, 35% of ballots cast were cast early. States currently offer three ways for voters to cast a ballot before Election... read more

Voter Registration Deadlines Near . September 29, 2014

Last Tuesday we celebrated the third annual National Voter Registration Day. National Voter Registration day is held on the fourth Tuesday of September because it falls right before the start of state voter registration deadlines. In every state except North Dakota, you must be registered in order to vote. Four states have voter registration deadlines... read more

Today is National Voter Registration Day . September 23, 2014

It’s finally here. Today is National Voter Registration Day! First things first. Are you registered? If yes, then great! If you’re not sure, check your registration. Have you moved recently? It’s an important question, because one in four voters wrongly believe that their registration is automatically updated when then change their... read more

The Final Count: 2014 Ballot Measures . September 11, 2014

Thanks to Ballotpedia we have the final count for statewide ballot measures this year–148. Just 35–a near record low–of these ballot measures are citizen-proposed. The last time the total number of statewide measures fell below 150 was 1986. In 2012, voters saw 188 statewide ballot questions. 136 of this year’s statewide ballot measures... read more

November 4th Store . August 14, 2014

Visibility is key to voter engagement efforts. Promoting the election and offering reminders can help increase the likelihood that voters will register and turn out on Election Day. “Vote November 4” buttons, stickers, and posters are available in our online store to help with your 2014 voter engagement efforts. All items are offered at... read more