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Maryland to Update Voting System . December 19, 2014

Funding election infrastructure is a popular theme this week. On Monday, Virginia Governor McAuliffe announced a plan to spend $28 million to upgrade voting machines and technology. Yesterday, the Maryland Board of Public Works approved a $28 million contract to replace the state’s current touch-screen voting system with machines that scan paper... read more

Virginia Seeks to Update Voting Technology . December 15, 2014

Today, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe proposed a one-time investment of $28 million to change and upgrade voting machines, electronic poll books, and the state elections website. Voting machines, electronic poll books, and @vaELECT website to be replaced and upgraded. @GovernorVA #VAvotingInitiative — VA Dept of Elections (@vaELECT) December 15,... read more

How Technology is Transforming Elections . December 6, 2011

As last week’s webinar showed, it’s never too early to start thinking about the 2012 election. In preparing for next year, many elections officials will utilize a variety of new voting technologies. Technology will impact voter registration, voter information, the voting experience itself, and administrative practices—like how ballots... read more

Mobile Technology and Civic Engagement . May 19, 2011

A new report from The Hispanic Institute found that Hispanics are the leading users of mobile phones and social media in the U.S. The study, “Connected Hispanics and Civic Engagement,” highlights the three areas Hispanics have used technology to affect change–immigration, education, and voter registration. Gus West of The Hispanic... read more