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Courts Endorse Nonpartisan Redistricting . July 31, 2015

When it comes to elections, the nonprofit sector is the only sector required by law to be nonpartisan. Why shouldn’t the administration of elections have the same requirement? Unfortunately, most states still allow legislative incumbents to choose their voters before voters get to choose them. Last week the U.S. Supreme Court and Florida Supreme Court... read more

New Secretaries of State Consider Election Changes . January 8, 2015

Last year, 24 states elected their top elections official. Swearing ins have begun in earnest, and many new secretaries of state have already outlined their plans for improving elections. In California, Secretary Alex Padilla is asking for input on how to #BoostTheVote and increase voter participation, noting that “the best ideas often come from... read more

Nonprofits Engage Candidates, Raise Profile . October 8, 2014

Nonprofits are bringing a spotlight to our sector’s issues this year and they’re doing it by engaging candidates. Engaging candidates on a nonpartisan basis shows future elected officials that our nonprofits are paying attention and that our communities vote. The Massachusetts Council of Human Service Providers hosted a gubernatorial forum... read more

Voter Registration Proof of Citizenship Overturned in Arizona . June 20, 2013

On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled that Arizona may not require documentary proof of citizenship from people seeking to vote in federal elections. (Read the court opinion.) During oral argument in Arizona v. Inter Tribal Council of Arizona, Justice Sotomayor’s first question was about an amicus brief signed by Nonprofit VOTE and other community-based... read more

Arizona Nonprofits in Action . February 27, 2012

Many in Arizona’s nonprofit community are working diligently to register and educate voters with the goal of increasing voter turnout this November. This year, the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits is collaborating with several partners to offer tools and assistance to organizations interested in actively engaging their stakeholders. The next event–kicking... read more

Redistricting Continues in 19 States . November 16, 2011

As of last week, nineteen states are still without final districts. The redistricting process went smoothly and quickly in some states, but in others, maps are already in courts and others will be soon. In Arizona, Governor Jan Brewer led a(n initially) successful charge to oust the chairwoman of the state’s independent commission. However, the... read more

2012 Nonprofit Campaign Underway in Arizona . October 21, 2011

More than 150 nonprofit leaders gathered in Phoenix earlier this month to kick off a year-long campaign to increase voter participation in the 2012 elections and “Reclaim Our Community’s Power.” The event was designed to inspire and equip nonprofits and other community-based organizations to conduct nonpartisan voter engagement in 2012. Nonprofit... read more

Arizona Nonprofit Fights Ballot Measure . December 20, 2010

Nonprofit organizations have played an increasingly important role in organizing supporters for and against ballot measures. In the most recent election, Southwest Human Development–Arizona’s largest nonprofit child development agency, serving children ages 0-5 and their families–turned their attention to Proposition 302, which aimed... read more