We're a nonprofit and we support votingOver 2,000 partners have signed on to participate in National Voter Registration Day. Many are nonprofit service providers, whose approach to voter engagement and messaging around registration often differs from other organizations.

Nonprofit VOTE has developed a few communications samples to help nonprofits talk about their participation in this exciting event.

Social Media Samples

Email Sample

Subject line: Today is National Voter Registration Day!

Today [YOUR ORGANIZATION] is excited to join thousands of groups across America to celebrate National Voter Registration Day!

On November 4th Americans will have a say on who wins 471 seats in Congress, 36 governorships, the makeup of 46 state legislatures, and the outcome of numerous ballot measures.

But in order to participate we have to be registered to vote!

That’s why we’re a proud partner and supporter of National Voter Registration Day. You can be part of this amazing day!

Register to Vote Online: It’s simple, it’s free, and it’s secure.
Attend a National Voter Registration Day event: Find one near you.
• Spread the word: Once you’ve registered or updated your information, forward this email to a friend. Ask them to join you and to use #CelebrateNVRD throughout social media.

See you at the polls November 4th!

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