Yesterday was Election Day in Colorado, although voters in most states and municipalities will not be heading to the polls until next Tuesday, November 8. However, Colorado is not the first state to kick off election season a little early.

Gubernatorial and State Legislative Elections
Louisiana has already (re)elected Governor Bobby Jindal in a nonpartisan blanket primary on October 22, but voters will return to the polls on November 19 to elect new state legislators. Like Louisiana, Mississippi holds elections for both its governor and state legislature in odd numbered years. Kentucky voters will also elect their governor, while New Jersey and Virginia are holding state legislative elections.

Ballot Measures
Nine states have statewide ballot measures this year. Texas tops the group with a total of 10 measures. Louisiana voters already decided the outcome of five ballot measures during their October election, but will have to vote on a final constitutional amendment later this month. Yesterday, Colorado voters rejected a proposed increase to the state income and sales tax.

In Mississippi there are three controversial ballot measures dealing with abortion, voter ID, and eminent domain. And as we’ve mentioned before, there is a veto referendum in Maine that could restore Election Day Registration, as well as one in Ohio that could repeal SB 5–legislation signed in March that would limit collective bargaining for the state’s public employees. Learn more about the 2011 ballot measures on Ballotpedia.

Mayoral Races
Many cities will be holding mayoral elections next week. Don’t know if yours is one of them? Find out by visiting the U.S. Conference of Mayors’ election center.

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