Voter Registration

Voter registration is a common nonprofit activity, so long as it is nonpartisan.

Voter registration activities for nonprofits often include:

  • Registering staff, board and volunteers.
  • Registering clients during services, at intake, or during other programs and activities.
  • Having registration forms available at events or meetings.
  • Setting up a table at the agency or a busy neighborhood location.

Your election officials or a local nonpartisan organization can help by providing voter registration forms, training, and information about registration deadlines and other laws governing voter registration in your state.

There are two main guidelines for nonprofits:

1. Registration activities may not be partisan. Nonprofit staff or volunteers may not suggest what candidate to support or party to join or whom to vote for. You may, however, explain to voters the difference between joining a party and registering without party affiliation.
2. Nonprofits must follow voter registration procedures for their state. Voter registration procedures differ in each state. Visit our 50 state map to access voter registration forms, look up tools, and guidelines for your state. Or contact or local election office.

Finally, watch out for limits on the use of certain funds for voter registration such as a grant from a private foundation or certain federal grants.

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