Voter Education

Nonprofits may conduct any type of voter education activity as long as it is nonpartisan and does not endorse or oppose candidates running for office. Nonprofits can help members, clients, or constituents understand the basics of voting. When is the next election? What’s on the ballot? What do you need to know about voting on or before Election Day? Examples of nonpartisan ways to educate your constituents and communities include:

  • Announce the dates of elections and voter registration deadlines.
  • Include lessons about voting in an adult or youth education class.
  • Encourage your constituents to volunteer at the polls on Election Day.
  • Help your constituents find their polls or get information on early voting
  • Set up a mock voting machine/ballot in your lobby so people can practice voting.
  • Provide your community with nonpartisan information about upcoming elections, like displaying or giving out sample ballots before the election.

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