Election Reform, Voting Access, and the Right to Vote

Nonprofits may want to help their staff, constituents and community understand their right to vote or changes in election laws. Or, nonprofits may support election reforms that, for example, provide better access for voters or a more level playing field for elections.

These are nonpartisan issues that fit well within what 501(c)(3)s can do in terms of public education or, in some cases, lobbying.

Sample Activities

  • Distribute information around election time on a voter’s rights at the polls.
  • Contact your local election official to discuss concerns you may have about voting in your community — like the recruitment of poll workers or poll procedures
  • Become an advocate for voting rights and expanding access to the ballot box. Incorporate these issues into your voter education. Take a stand on a popular reform initiative — such as Election Day registration or nonpartisan redistricting.

If your activities are related to promoting passage of a specific law or ballot measure, the activity becomes lobbying and is subject to lobbying rules for nonprofits.