Election Day Activities

Nonprofits are well-positioned to help on Election Day. The civic mission of nonprofits makes them a good fit not only to help their communities to vote, but to encourage staff to sign up as poll workers or help at the polls.

On Election Day, the kinds of nonpartisan activities nonprofits can do include:

  • Allowing staff time off to vote
  • Allowing staff to spend part or all of Election Day doing nonpartisan get out the vote activities
  • Encouraging your staff and volunteers to sign up as poll workers or translators
  • Involving staff members as nonpartisan election observers
  • Providing rides to the polls
  • Holding an Election Day party or event

If someone asks me where to get a ride to the polls, where can I send them that is nonpartisan?

You have two options. It’s okay to:

  1. Refer them to nonpartisan group offering rides to the polls.
  2. Tell them to call the party or candidate of their choice and ask them for a ride, noting that candidates or parties often offer rides to voters.