Last month, I took the helm as the new executive director of Nonprofit VOTE, following founder George Pillsbury who is staying on as a senior consultant. I am thrilled about this exciting opportunity and I look forward to applying my 20 years of experience in the field to the important work of Nonprofit VOTE.

Nonprofits stand at a unique intersection in our society. While nonprofits work to fill critical, unmet needs across the nation, the communities we serve–young people, new citizens, and lower-income populations–are all too often on the sidelines of our democratic process, diminishing both their voices and that of the nonprofit sector.

By providing nonprofits with tools and resources for nonpartisan voter engagement, Nonprofit VOTE leverages the vast reach of the nonprofit sector to close these participation gaps and strengthen our democracy. Working alongside a great team, a strong Board, and our many partners, I look forward to carrying on this important work in the years ahead.

In partnership,

Brian Miller
Executive Director

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