New Mexico is the latest state to pass and enact online voter registration. Governor Susana Martinez signed Senate Bill 643 last Friday, which made it through both the state Senate and the House of Representatives without a dissenting vote. The legislation will modernize the state’s voter registration system, help clean up the voter rolls, and will make registration more convenient for voters.

The bill includes provisions that allow the secretary of state to compare state voter rolls with those of other states as well as with state and federal agencies, such as the Social Security Administration. One drawback is that only those who have valid New Mexico driver’s license or ID card will be able to register to vote or update information on the system. Nevertheless, as we’ve seen in other states, online registration offers cost savings to counties and convenience to voters.

Implementation will occur in phases: Current New Mexico voters will first be able to go online to update their addresses and other information on state voter rolls (by 2016) and full online voter registration will be available a year later (by 2017).

Twenty states currently offer full online registration and five are in the process of implementing it.


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  • pancheetah

    The general direction for this kind of legislation seems good. However, the implementation failure of the motor-voter system last year by the SoS causes serious concern. That failure denied many voters the right to exercise their vote in 2014, So I recommend big-time oversight of implementation of this new legislation in 2016.