2015 Voter Engagement Timeline

The 2016 presidential election will garner major media attention this year as candidates seek to position themselves ahead of the primary elections that kick off next January. This attention overshadows the many important elections happening around the country in 2015 including mayoral and gubernatorial races.

If your community doesn’t have an election this year are you planning to register voters for the 2016 presidential election? Then 2015 is the perfect time to test out your voter engagement plans!

Our 2015 Voter Registration and Engagement Timeline will help you plan and organize your voter engagement work this year and every year after! Broken down by month, this checklist will help ensure your work is on track.

It highlights planning activities for early in the year, ideas for testing out your efforts, strategies for the peak period, and the importance of debriefing and evaluating after the election.

Review the timeline and browse our entire resource library to get started today.

Keep in mind that our 2015 timeline is based on a November 3rd Election Day, so you will need to adjust your time frame if you want to register and mobilize your community around a different election date.

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