In just one week, thousands of elections will be held across the country for everything from school board member to city councilor to mayor. Whatever’s on your ballot, make sure that you, your staff, volunteers, clients and consumers are ready to vote!votinginyourstate

One way to do that is to use Nonprofit VOTE’s “Voting in Your State” tool to learn the ins and out of voting and elections in your state. Each state’s page has links to official and up-to-date information about early and absentee voting, how to find your polling place, voter ID requirements and more.

If you’re wondering what to do between now and Election Day, here are a few ideas:

1. Spread the word about early voting. Make sure the people you interact with know that, depending on your jurisdiction, they can either (1) vote early via an absentee ballot or (2) vote early in-person at designated polling location. Early voting providers voters with a wider window of opportunity to vote. It also allows them to review what’s on the ballot at their leisure. Use the links below to learn more.

2. Provide information about how to vote. Post something or print up a short flier about early voting with a phone number or link people can use to find out more. Post when polls will be open on Election Day. Post a phone number or website people can use to check their registration status and polling place location.

3. Provide information about the candidates and issues. Post a nonpartisan voter guide or guide to the ballot measures in your lobby. Local newspapers are a great resource for this sort of thing, as is your local League of Women Voters.

4. Ask voters questions that not only gently remind them about the upcoming election, but also encourage them to visualize voting. “Are you going to vote before or after work?” “Where do you usually vote?”

5. Turn up the volume of your voter engagement efforts this week. Use every means at your disposal to reach out to your staff, volunteers, clients and constituents with reminders and useful information about voting.

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