The November 3rd elections are just two weeks away!  Are you, your staff members, volunteers, clients, consumers, and community members ready to get out and vote? Here are three simple things you can do to make sure.

1. Make sure voters know when, where and how to vote early, whether in person or by mail. Learn more about voting early in your state.

2. Make sure voters know how to find their polling place on Election Day and that they know when it opens and closes. Our Voting in Your State page contains links to each state’s official polling place finder tool.

3. Check out our new Nonprofit Votes Count GOTV Toolkit for more on how to encourage your staff and volunteers to get out and vote.

Think about ways that you can provide this information to the people you serve over the next couple of weeks. Put up a sign. Or create a palm card. And most importantly, talk to people about the upcoming election.

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Election Day is 2 weeks away! Are you ready? #Election2015 #GetOutTheVote #NPVotesCount

Tues Nov 3rd is Election Day. Get ready with these hints: #Election2015 #GetOutTheVote #NPVotesCount

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Election Day 2015 is just two weeks away! Make sure you’re ready for Tuesday, November 3rd. Here are 3 things you can do: #Election2015 #GetOutTheVote #NPVotesCount