Although it is a valuable piece of nonprofit voter engagement, candidate engagement if often overlooked. But whether your organization is well-versed in voter participation or is just getting started, engaging candidates can benefit both your organization and your constituents.

Hosting a candidate forum can take your efforts to the next level by:

  1. Making your issue a campaign issue. Hosting a candidate forum puts a spotlight on your organization and your issues.
  2. Raising the profile of your voters. The community you serve is worth noticing–make sure candidates know who they are! 
  3. Building partnerships and cultivating collaborations. Candidate forums are a great way to team up with other organizations and build fruitful relationships.
  4. Encouraging civic habits. A forum mobilizes and educates your constituents by connecting them with the candidates; it can also encourage other types of participation!

Get started by targeting your race, finding partners, and building interest! For more, download our Guide to Hosting a Candidate forum or register for our May 24th webinar. Don’t want to organize a candidate forum but still want to engage candidates? Browse all of our resources on candidate engagement for other ideas on how to get involved this election cycle!

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