Ohio - One Vote MattersEarlier this year, Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted announced that in 2014 seven local issues were decided by just one vote or tied.

In a press release, his office emphasized that “one person could have made the difference in deciding whether local taxes would go up, bond issues passed or an area restaurant or store could sell liquor.”

One vote matters in more than just Ohio. Last year, two judicial races that resulted in a tie were decided by a coin toss. In Nevada, in the event of a tie, candidates draw lots to determine a winner. In 2010, three local races were decided this way. The winning cards were an ace, an eight of hearts, and the queen of clubs.

In 1997, a single vote decided who would be state representative of Vermont.

“Whether it is a statewide or local issue, every ballot question has an impact on our lives and it is important that every voice is heard,” Secretary Husted said. “When voters stay home they allow others to make these decisions for them.”

Don’t sit out the next election. Register to vote.

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