2015 Voter Engagement TimelineWhile there are already candidates officially running for office in 2016, this year’s elections should not be overlooked.

In 2015, 558 cities will hold mayoral elections. Although national elections get the majority of news coverage, “It’s often these local governments that determine policy issues about policing, education, transportation, infrastructure, all of these things that more directly relate to people’s everyday lives than who the president of the United States is,” noted Nonprofit VOTE Advisory Board member Michael McDonald in a recent LA Times article.

Our 2015 Voter Registration and Engagement Timeline will help your nonprofit plan and organize your voter engagement work this year and every year! Broken down by month, this checklist will help ensure your work is on track. It highlights planning activities for early in the year, ideas for testing out your efforts, strategies for the peak period, and the importance of debriefing and evaluating after the election.

It also won’t hurt to have some voter engagement experience before next year’s presidential election. Review the timeline and browse our entire resource library for ideas.

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