In an average year, there are over 5,000 local ballot measures on ballots across the country

However, Ballotpedia recently reviewed 738 county election websites and found that as many as 32% don’t display information on local ballot measures. The study reviewed 738 county election websites in 11 states–about 24% of the nation’s 3,143 counties.

Accessible and informative elections websites are vital to educating voters and maintaining an accountable electoral system. This is particularly true at the county level, because counties typically administer elections for a variety of jurisdictions—including school districts, cities, towns, villages, park and recreation districts, and other special districts, as well as the county itself. The study found:

  • The State of Washington consistently had the best information, while Missouri consistently had the worst.
  • The county with the longest archival history was Benton County in Oregon, with election information dating back to 1852.
  • Of the 738 counties checked, only 505 (68%) had election information available on their local websites.

See a detailed breakdown of how each state and each county was evaluated. Does your county have an elections website and, if so, how does it perform?

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