Early Voting Slider v2The 2014 election is underway! As of October 15, 800,839 ballots have been cast in reporting jurisdictions. (Ballot count updated daily.) In 2010 over 19 million ballots were cast before Election Day.

There are two ways to cast a ballot before Election Day: 1) by mail, or 2) in-person during a designated period prior to Election Day. While early voting is available in many states, dates and requirements vary.

Use these tools to learn about early voting in your state:

Voting early in-person or by mail gives voters increased flexibility and the chance to address any problems that may arise at the polls ahead of Election Day. It can also help voters avoid potential lines. With just three weeks until November 4th, it’s critical that nonprofits keep this election in the spotlight.

Promote early voting by:

  • Arranging to transport groups of voters to early voting sites.
  • Distributing absentee ballot request forms.
  • Providing details in your online and in-person communications.
  • Communicating with staff in meetings and through all-staff emails.
  • Discussing it during classes, trainings, and events.

Encourage your community to give the convenience of voting early a try!

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